Popelini, Delicious colourful cream puffs in a variety of flavours

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a trip to Popelini, the delightful little bakery specializing in choux à la crème, a delicate cream puff with a flavoured custard filling.The minimalist, modern designed boutique shop with rows and rows of perfect, colourful choux behind a glass counter that taste as wonderful as they look! This shop is the perfect example of doing one thing really well than doing many second-rate.The shop may sell just one type of dessert, but it is available in a variety of delicious flavours including the classics like vanilla, salted caramel, dark chocolate, hazelnut, and rose as well as seasonal fruit flavours strawberry, passion fruit, litchi, and wild peach. If you can’t decide which chou to take, opt for an assortment in the box of six or twelve.


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