One day around the unusual streets of Paris

Paris is full of hidden gems, unknown even to most Parisian. When walking through the capital’s streets, something different awaits at every corner so just follow your nose and let Paris lead you on an adventure of discovery. In the 12th arrondissement, rue Crémieux is a piece of London in Paris. With painted walls and cobblestones, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped onto Portobello Road in Notting Hill, capital of flashy eccentricity. Head to the 11th arrondissement to the Cité du Figuier. This used to be a market gardener street before the farmhouses gave way to craftsmen and then to artists. This verdant street has a definite feel of the Bohemian lifestyle. No walking tour would be complete without a secret door. Push the door of 52 rue Mouffetard, in the 5th arrondissement. This is one of the oldest streets in Paris, and at the heart of the peaceful apartments, a hidden passage will lead you to a very particular place. It was here in this courtyard that victims of the Nazi occupation took refuge, hidden by civilian resistants. If you are curious to see these places, all that’s left to do is to put on your walking shoes and keep your eyes wide open!


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