One Day around Paris’ Street Art


The streets of Paris are like an open air museum …

Paris is known for its Haussmannian buildings, tiled roofs, grey cobblestones and so on. Charming as all that is, sometimes one can yearn for more colour, especially when the weather is grey.

Fortunately, Paris’ taggers have done just that, bringing a much needed splash of colour to the city’s walls and making them well known. Rue Dénoyez, 20th arrondissement, is a good example: the old dance halls and cabarets gave way to a trendy area, with art galleries everywhere: walls are covered by paintings which are regularly covered by others, so that you never walk in the same street twice. The skate-park of Bercy has been customised with aerosols too, making the place more urban-cool than ever.

For those too nesh to appreciate street art outdoors, know that it is also present indoors: the Fondation EDF is currently holding a free Street Art exhibition. It deals with Street Art History, and also offers several workshops: Light Graph, Water Light Graffiti tagging… everything you need to awaken the tagger within you.

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Sunday Noon – 7pm
(Excl. Bank Holidays)

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