The perfect spots for Picnic in Paris

Paris is awesome for all the beautiful views in any corner of the city. Wherever you like, in the grass with a perfect view to an historical monument or the Seine River, here we share with you our selection of the 10 best places for a special moment to share with friends:

1 – “Parc des Buttes Chaumont

Situated in the northeast, this is one of the biggest green spaces in Paris. The layout gives it a particular charm: caves de and waterfalls, a suspended bridge and a high viewpoint. There is an entertainment area for children and there are break areas where you can get something to eat.

2 – The “Jardin de Plantes

Right in the center of Paris, this garden is the main botanical garden in France where you will see plants from all over the world and from different climates. You can also visit the gardens, greenhouses, menagerie, play area, refreshment areas and the exhibits area.

The jardin des plantes is also a typical Parisian resting place, two steps away from the Great Mosque of Paris and neighborhoods like the Marais or the île Saint-Louis.

3 – The “Jardin de Luxembourg

Marie de Medicis created the fabulous Luxembourg Gardens in 1612. Twenty five hectares are the oasis on Paris. Crowded on sunny days, they are the most romantic gardens in the left bank of Paris. Statues, fountains and flowers, the park have many attractions for children.

4 – The “Canal Saint Martin

Very easy to access, it is situated in the 10th arrondissement. Parisians usually enjoy summer picnicking on this four kilometers-long canal that runs north from the Seine at Bastille Plaza and is lined with de avant-garde galleries and old warehouses converted into lofts.

5 – The “Sacré cœur

Above all, Montmartre, an area on a hill in the 18th arrondissement, the Sacré-Coeur is one of the most iconic monuments in Paris; the view from its parvis is one of those perfect Paris postcards. More than just a basilica, Sacré-Cœur is a veritable experience, from the musicians performing on the steps and the groups of friends picnicking on the hillside park.

6 – The “Pont des Arts

Picnicking on the wooden slats of this pedestrian bridge is thought by some to be the ultimate Parisian picnic experience. It’s a particularly popular spot for twenty-something and as you eat, you’ll inevitably be entertained someone strumming on a guitar, blowing a sax, painting a picture of the incomparable view. Go at sunset for an especially magical experience.

7 – The “Champ de Mars

Eating French cheese and bread while staring up at the Eiffel Tower is the dream of many visitors to Paris. Happily, this is one fantasy that is easy to fulfill as you can almost always find a place to spread out a blanket on the Champ de Mars, the nearly half-mile of lawn stretching before the famous tower.

8 – The “Esplanade des Invalides

This place offers a wide view from the north of Hôtel des Invalides and across the Seine River. It is one of the more open spaces in Paris. The large lawns are frequently used for picnics and for sunning. On weekends, neighborhood soccer game are common events. This is the meeting point of many skaters and also where the Pétanque or boules players meet for their game.

9 – The “Jardin de Tuileries

These gardens are among the loveliest and most famous in Paris, but is forbidden to sit on the grass. However, you can have a picnic at these legendary spots: just pull up a couple of the green metallic chairs that are liberally placed through the gardens, and eat wherever you like.

10 – The “Ile St. Louis

The banks of the Seine at the Ile St. Louis are a traditional spot for a Parisian picnic. It’s a lovely place to raise a glass of champagne to the passing Bateau-Mouche, while enjoying close-up views of the Hôtel de Ville (town hall) and Notre-Dame Cathedral.

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