5 Tips for the best Birthday Party for children in France.

At a Birthday or  anniversary, children eagerly await the opportunity to receive their friends. The invitation card is essential; the child should give  it to his friends minimum 15 days before the event. You can buy lovely cards or the child can draw its own card and make something very creative; be sure you don’t forget to mention specific details such as the time and the address, you can also remark the dress code.

The most frequent day is to choose the afternoon of Wednesday or Saturday. Decorate the place where the party will take place , have the birthday boy or girl prepare with you  the snack table, cloths and napkins, paper plates and paper cups matching the tablecloth. Fill some cups with varied and colorful candy-  ask your child to choose the ones he likes: he knows better than you!

The Menu

A big homemade cake; each family has its own traditional recipe birthday cake; sweet and salty popcorn, sandwiches or bread rolls filled with ham are the children´s preference.

The service

If the children are very young it is recommended to sit the children around the table. Turn off the lights and bring the cake adorned with candles.

How long?

For toddlers the celebration doesn’t have to be too long; two hours is a maximum for the kinder garden children for they are quickly tired. For older children; 3 hours is enough time to play and eat the birthday cake.

The Animation

You can hire the services of a facilitator. If you organize the games by yourself, plan them in advance and make calm activities.

When parents come for their children, offer a drink or a piece of cake. Do not forget to take pictures of table decorated with children and the cake.

Ask all guests to sign a birthday card that your child will keep as a treasure.

Pictures from: Pinterest, theprettyblog.com,terrondeazucar.com and mommas.es

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One thought on “5 Tips for the best Birthday Party for children in France.

  1. As parents, we tend to get carried away when we are preparing the birthday party for our little prince or princess. This is a nice checklist every parent should have so that we don’t forget the little details in our preparation. Thanks for sharing these tips 🙂

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