The good practices in the Restaurant

Nowadays, the restaurant is a perfect place to close business.  Dinner in the restaurant became a nice place to dinner with friends in the pleasant atmosphere. In many countries, the invitation to a restaurant means a great mark of consideration. So, refuse such an invitation would be a major insult.

The one who invites must come first to the restaurant; ten minutes earlier are perfect to greet your guests which are on time. Keep in mind that the bench or the most comfortable seats are reserved for women or the most important guests.

A la carte or a Menu?

The one who invites discreetly indicates the choice to follow. If he plans “à la carte”, the host with the help of the waiter will suggest certain dishes that match the quality and budget he has planned. The choice time, remain within limits of reasonable time.

The host is on charge to tell “bon appétit”!. During the meal you must maintain a pleasant conversation avoiding political and religious subjects. It will also be careful not to ask questions too personal.

Keep in mind a few rules for using the cutlery. Let the napkin on your lap, folded in half. When you leave, it is advised to leave the napkin on the chair.

The restaurant bill must be paid as discreet as possible. Leave your credit card to the waiter at your arrival. If you are a regular client, take the habit to ask to the restaurant to send the invoice to your office. The most common method of payment is to slip away after coffee under the pretext to wash your hands and make a detour to the front desk where you will pay the bill. If the waiter bring the addition, it has to be folded and you should to verify it by a brief glance. It is advised to pay by a credit card instead of handle the money in front of your guests.

Share the restaurant bill respond to different uses in different countries: in Western countries, the bill is shared easily, including women; In Greece and Turkey, guests and foreign never pay. In Brazil, eldest or the foreign has to pay de bill. The business lunch is paid by the company.

As a general rule, you never have to leave the table before the end of the dessert. As a working meeting the telephone has to be switched off during the business lunch. If the call is urgent, consider to get up and leave the table to talk.

restaurant-affaire-300x173Photo from Pinterest

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