The Lifestyle in the French house

The art of the French lifestyle mixes the love of the family home, comfort and aesthetics. The French house must be the homestead to become the place of the term welfare home and artistic beauty. In France, everyone aspires to have his own place.

Somewhere  to  get together and to allow them to have a place to rest and to have a good chat. An ideal to build according to individual aspirations. This individuality is expressed through many levels.

The architecture of the house

The choice of the architect of the house often depends on the chosen location and numbers of occupants. To keep the art of the French Lifestyle will seek to respect a local architectural style with historical characteristics.

There is a certain attraction in France in a story that a house can have, when someone is to search for a home.  This way, they feel, they personalize their home.

The decoration

This is the aesthetic of the house where everyone expresses their personality in their room or the house.  The decoration, floors, walls, surfaces, upholstery, curtains, blinds, curtains, floor chairs, sofas, mirrors, chairs etc  will be chosen to customize every room in the house. Particular care is given to the bathroom which has become since the 90s a place of well-being at home. Nowadays, the decoration and the lights are more and more personalized.

The kitchen

The centerpiece of the family meeting room  now a days needs to be large enough and one would like it  also equipped for outdoor dining. It is often decorated with a color theme,  or a country, a region,  this according to the taste of the occupant. This is the place of the individual expression of the love of family. The attention is paid to selection of utensils to promote the success to the culinary preparations for the family.

The garden

This is not always present in a house but when present, it  gives more “life”  to  the house. It is the connection with nature that permits a certain union and one can fulfil   their artistic expression.

When the garden is not present, one procures at least to hang the plants on walls or windows. The French garden is structured and organized and obey visual rules that highlight the different shapes of plants and flowers and harmonize color. Often one has a vegetable garden and surely a corner of herbs for the kitchen.

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