The French garden

In contrast to the English garden, a French garden is a reflex of the art of symmetry. Nature is domesticated according to criteria of order and discipline, in order to draw perfect prospects in the extension of a prestigious house itself.

The French garden is a very ambitious garden aesthetically. Synonymous with perfection and nobility,  the  most famous author is André Le Nôtre, the creator of the park of Versailles under the command of Louis XIV.

The lines and structure of this type of development are perceived as a garden carved by an artist. In  fact, it requires great precision in the drawing. Le Nôtre found his inspiration in the genuine Italian gardens; but French gardens have gone even further in this concept: simple in form, but of increasing complexity which brought them to a new form of landscape art, highly developed.

The design complementary to all French castles from the seventeenth century, could be located in the center of the house, front and back, or  as a terrace, matched with a large park. It can be used in smaller properties but does not lend itself to contemporary architecture.

Volumes make all the originality of the French garden. The diversity of aligned symmetrically forms must however remain in harmony with the lines of the whole, which is in an architectural form codified.

The contrasting textures and colors participate in the decor. In general, the French garden is very green and is also ornamented.  After perspectives and angles are  arranged fountains, basins called “Medici” and stone statues from mythology or hunting. All these factors contribute to the development of French garden in its purest form.

The maintenance of French gardens is much more demanding than that of English gardens, they should be pruned twice a year, in May and September. In addition, it is necessary to empty the massive every fall and winter flowers in a greenhouse or glass frames or to change them.55e7d3e63019e519efa3eb73f33b3c5e

Aisles should be periodically raked to be presentable and prevent the gravel from being dispersed into the lawn or flowerbeds.0404887906c54202e5315d42c69db52079cd977d0077fc08484c9ea2d2adc80f

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