La Pétanque

« Playaboule  » is originated from the South of France. This game is played on an unprepared field but a flat land is preferably used (unless you really love the challenge) and whose dimensions are between 10 and 13 feet wide and 39 feet long.

The goal is to bring the balls closest to the “goal”.

The first team with 13 points after several tries win the game.

This game is played against 1 or 1 or 2 teams of 2 or 3 players.

  • Head-to-head: one against one with 3 balls each
  • Doubles: 2 against 2 with 3 balls each
  • Triplex 3 against 3 with 2 balls each

There must not be more than 12 balls on the ground.

This game is played with balls 100% steel and a ball hardwood called “goal”; play from a circle of 50 cm in diameter, placed or marked on the ground.

Randomly the team begins playing. Any player of that team chooses the starting point and moves into the circle. When he plays, the player’s feet must not leave the circle before the ball reaches the ground.

That player then throws the goal at a distance of between 6 and 10 m and it should be at least 1 meter from any obstacle (wall, tree…).

There are two ways to throw the ball, “point” or “shoot”. They are diametrically opposite. That is why some champions have chosen one or another specialty.

“Pointer” is throw the ball with skill to try to get as close as possible to the cap and thus to “score a goal”

He then launched his first ball, trying to place it as close as possible to the “goal”.

A player from the second team then enters into the circle and tries to be pointing to place his ball closer to the “goal” that the ball from his opponent or to chase it by pulling. The bowl closer to the “goal” leads the play. If the player succeed, this is a player to the first team to play again. If it fails, the players on his team play their balls until they return the item or they have more balls to play.

When one team has more balls in their hands, the players of the other team play those that remain, trying to place their balls as close as possible to the goal.

When both teams have no more balls, the time has come to count the points. A team scores with good points as many as their boules are closer to the “goal” than the opponents. It’s the end of the game.

One of the players of the winning team then launches the “goal” of where it is located and the game continues until a team scores 13 points but you can also play until 11 or 15 points.

La Petanque

Photos from Pinterest,

Benjamin Lallement

Rendez-vous en France

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