Five Know-how rules about wine

Remove the capsule under the ring of the bottle .If the lead has been replaced by less hazardous synthetic materials for health and the environment, it is always considered to maintain this tradition.

Open the wine bottle

When you take your cap from the bottle, make sure it stays straight and does not break. This will prevent the cork of the old wines to fall into the bottle. To do this, pull your corkscrew, and made ​the quarter-turns from right to left.

Would you love to make noise by opening your bottle? This subtle noise “pop” fun! No, discretion is required under the rules of etiquette!

Wine service

Small details; serve the wine on retaining the label of the bottle on top, the little string that may leak when pouring will mess the back of your bottle!

Which serve first

Serve a few drops of wine into the glass in order to test it. With this delicate gesture, your guest will see how you make sure that the wine is of good quality. If this is the case continue to serve your guests.

The host should always take care that no one lacks wine during the meal. Women should never serve wine herself so, Madam, if you want to drink wine, ask for water! If your host is polite, he will offer vin 6bb33588c6379c61b49436aa7550875cyou wine!

Bonne dégustation!

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