Traveling with your baby

It’s always a little stressful a first trip with baby, but you just have to be well organized and know the necessary for each mode of transport for your trip.

Baby can take the airplane in very young age. Until the age of 2 years, baby not pay its place or only 10-20% of the normal rate but beware, know that baby will travel on your legs!

For long-haul flights you can book at most companies a cot (up to 6 months) or use the seat next to you. On the plane, some seats are more comfortable and convenient for you: near to the toilet, they also offer more legroom; inquire at the time of boarding. Know that you may well bring a stroller; handy for walk the long corridors of the airport.

Regarding baby food, do not worry: you can take everything you need on board.

Be careful if your baby is sensitive to the cold because he may resent the pressure changes. Wipe his nose before takeoff and landing, before the trip, check with the pediatrician that your baby has no otitis.

The train has many advantages and baby can travel comfortably, in general, the baby travel free until 4 years old. However, if your journey is long, it is better to opt for a seat next to you: the toddler package is not expensive and you can use this place to make the trip as pleasant as possible.

Trains are equipped with changing tables and baby food can be warmed in the microwave. Keep everything you may need at hand, in a separate bag. Often, it is cold in trains; a sweater for the baby is essential.

To take the road with baby, the best, is travel by night: less traffic and heat, and as baby sleeps (in principle), the ambience will be more Zen. If you go during the day, if possible try to avoid the hottest hours, which will be unpleasant for you and more for baby. The diaper bag will have its place in the interior of your car, not in the trunk. All necessary must be available quickly and without necessarily having to stop.
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