Take a trip with your pet!

petpetAbroad, the rules are different depending on the country. In France, it depends on the weight of the animal and the type of transport.


Do not wait until the last-minute to prepare your holiday with your pet; foresee the vaccines.

– In the metro and buses allow only guide dogs and small dogs if they are in a bag.

– In the train, the small animal could be placed in a bag; if it weighing more than six pounds, they should always be on a leash, but the other passengers can refuse access compartment;

– In the taxi, the driver has the right to refuse an animal;

– In the plane, the animals less than six pounds can travel in the cabin, in a bag; the heavier have to travel in the cargo hold.

The cats traveling in a basket; they are given a sedative for not meow during the journey.

During holidays,

Sand, salt, sun … can irritate the skin or pads of the animal. On your return from the beach, rinse well with fresh water for 5 minutes. Do not forget the eyes by applying without rubbing a sterile eye lotion

In the countryside, watch especially the ears and pads to detect the possible presence of spikelet. Also periodically check the coat of your dog to detect ticks. Use cotton soaked in ether to deaden them before pulling.

For summer, watch out for sunburn! Avoid walking in the hottest hours. Do not forget to make your pet regularly drink.

Remember that throughout the year, he is your companion animal and he loves you unconditionally. So, show him how much you care about him and travel with him!

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