The mother’s day in France

This special day in France has been created in 1920. The celebration was originally an instrument that the government implemented to encourage an increase in the birth rate after the death of large number of men during the battle.

At the time, the mother image is totally different to that which now exists. A good homemaker was a good cook, without a good level of educated, relatively a submissive woman to her husband.

This very popular holiday in France was officially established in 1950.

Nowadays, the mother’s day is the last Sunday of May. Toddlers make for their mom a beautiful drawing or a great gift made with the help of their teacher. The older children offer a gift with the help of their father and sometimes with a bouquet of flowers.

French people organize a lunch or a dinner and they often celebrate in the same day two or three generations of mothers.

Happy mother’s day!

2b1e6139abe0194b82e7c41e66b46b87 0b723e2938216c7e46d5b35d2c3161d2Photos from Pinterest et Leonidas.

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