Business lunch

One hour for an informal discussion around the table allow good start negotiations to create projects and a close partnership. A business lunch is a great time to discover, pointed and find strengths and weaknesses of our future partners.

If you invite, propose several dates and confirm your table at the restaurant during the morning; if you have your appointment on site, arrive a few minutes before the time fixed and choose your table: place the guest of honor in front of you, then to your right and to your left side the other guests that you wish to honor.

For the menu, let your guests choose first, if you know the menu, you can make some suggestions.  Even you don’t drink wine, you should drink the same choice of your guests. If they take an entrance, a dessert, you have to imitate. Pay the bill discreetly and if possible with a credit card.

If you have been invited, you should be punctual. Do not cancel the same day, unless compelling reason. If you have the slightest delay, you must let know the restaurant. Do not order the most expensive dishes systematically. If you hesitate, ask your host: “What do you recommend? » At the check time, you can propose to pay but do not insist if the host invitation was clearly expressed.

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