May day in France.

The 1st May and the Lily of the Valley feast…

Since the middle Ages, it seems that the Lily of the valley; a plant native to Japan, is present in Europe since the middle Ages. The “plant of bells” has always symbolized the spring; the Celts have given it the virtue of lucky. On 1st May of 1561, King Charles IX formalized the feast: he having received this day a sprig of lily of the valley as a lucky charm, he decided to offer each year a Lily of the Valley to each lady of the court; the tradition was born.

The flower is also ideally for the romantic encounter. Longtime, was organized in Europe “The ball of the Lily of the Valley”. It was also one of the few dances of the year when parents do not have the rights of opinion. That day, the girls are dressed in white and the boys use to decor their buttonhole with a Lily of the Valley.

In Paris, at the beginning of the century, fashion designers offer lilies of the valley to the workers. But it was not until 1976 that it is associated with the celebration of 1st May. On the buttonhole of the protesters, then it replaces the wild rose and the red triangle which symbolized the division of the day into three equal parts: work, sleep, play.

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