How to prepare your next trip?

voyageIt is true that we prepare our trip depending if we travel alone or as a couple, with the family or in a group, by car or by train, for leisure or for business. However, travel behavior involves a mindset that makes someone or not qualified good traveler.

Before take your flight, it is necessary to prepare an itinerary, select the places to visit and the hotel according to your interests and budget. Make sure you have the right documents; the visa, the valid passport and the documents during airport transits.

Frequently, passengers present some issues with its luggage; traveling doesn’t mean move so, you need pack according to your trip (weekend, business, vacation) and also the means of transport (limit weight if you travel by aircraft, the size the trunk of your car, weight and size allowed if you travel by train).

When you arrange the suitcase; create a list, a reminder where we write all clothing and articles to take and travel accessories. The design of your luggage is not the most important; the luggage has to be very well organized in case your luggage has an accidental opening or the curiosity of a customs officer. Toilet articles and other intimate effects are hidden in discreet pockets.

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