Do you like the Macarons?

At its origins the macaron was made with almonds, sugar and egg white; the macaron was born in the XVIII century venetian monasteries.

It was during the Renaissance that these treats were introduced in France by Catherine de Medici for her marriage with the Duke of Orleans, the future king of France.

For the 30’s in Paris, the pastries had the idea to attach these two cookies and fill it with a ganache. This “Parisian Macaron” was particularly popularized by Ladurée ; which is still one of the most famous brands to create macarons.

Over time, the macarons have diversified, and is in many colors and flavors; vanilla, pistachio, chocolate, raspberry, coffe speculoos, lime basil, there are even versions salty.

A good advice!

We taste a good macaron when its shells are smooth and with a perfect design; delicately crispy outside and soft inside. To conserve the macaron, put it in the hermetically sealed box in the refrigerator.

Bon dégustation !

Photos from Pinterest.


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