The Hightea or the tea time

tea2The atmosphere of the tea time is still quite cozy, no special clothing is required; the courtesy and good manners are essential. Nowadays, the tea is consumed at any time, during the breakfast, late afternoon, and after hard days work. In England, the tea time became a custom and it is taken usually from 5-6 P.M. This habit was particularly pleasant in the countryside; the dishes are arranged on a large table, while the guests sit comfortably. Once the pot of water(preferably made in porcelain) is boiled, the tea is prepared by putting a teaspoon per person, then, then the water is added and left for five minutes; it is served with toast, jam, cake, and with small tea napkins.

The tea time is always best to provide at least two different teas, such as a Chinese tea and Indian tea.
There are infinite nuances of aromas, l’Orange Pekoe, light and soft (Ceylon tea) ; Darjeeling , very fragrant and sweet teas from the India; Imperial , smoked taste of jasmine ; Yunan, with a strong taste, from China. Mandarin is consumed without sugar with Chinese or Vietnamese cuisine. The tea supports mixtures with alcohol, especially with ice (rum, whiskey, Pimm’s )…

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