A perfect Garden Party

garden-partyIt is the spring time, your roses start to get gorgeous and you need to make many invitations… Gather around a buffet in your garden with friends and family.

Plan for a sufficient number of tables and chairs so your guests can sit, optionally; do not forget a “Parasol” and place the plates on the buffet, cutlery, glasses and napkins before the arrival of your guests.

Because of the warm weather, you should put available lots of ice; you must fill several champagne buckets to keep the bottles cool. If your refrigerator is full, provide an ice tray.

If the garden party takes place in the evening, consider the delightful garden lights, spotlights, lanterns without forgetting mosquito candles!

You have the choice between two menus:

-The buffet of meat, and cold fish, variety of delicatessen and salads. Or

-“Mignardise” and “Petit Four” buffet, which not require to be covered.

As an aperitif; sangria or “Kir”, fruit juice, dry white wine, rose wine, fresh red wine. Avoid strong alcohols, but you can expect a brut champagne.

Do you want to prepare the buffet by yourself or do you want to call for a catering service? The number of the guests, your availability and your budget will guide your choice.

The relaxed atmosphere does not exempt you to ensure the comfort of each guest; often ask to your guest if everything is ok in order to ensure that they lack nothing, so check frequently that the buffet is always stocked.

For the evident reasons don’t let the ices and sorbets on the buffet; they could melt.

A good advice:

Let know to your guest that the sun and the warm time could not be achieved. Plan the possibility to go into the house or under a tent.

Some decoration tips:

To the delight of your guest, put the same color of your tablecloth and the chairs cushions, and place on each table a small bouquet of flowers with the same range of colors.

Photo from clipzine.me – judith collins

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