Cutting of meat or poultry

In particular game and poultry were considered under the ancient regime as a true art which were to exercise the young lords. We learned not deteriorated best pieces; white for chicken, pheasant, partridge, woodcock thigh, the fillet for the hare and rabbit. Techniques used to have hardly changed.

Chicken legs are held with the help of a fork and a knife, then, we cut the wings before separating white of the breast and split the carcass.

Separate the two duck legs and then cut the flesh of the breast along the wishbone. Then, cut the pulp into strips or slices on either side, before detaching the wings.

The lamb shoulder is cut into slices perpendicular to the bone. The slices should be very thin as for the leg of lamb.

The pigeon is cut like a chicken unless it is very small. In this case we cut in half.

It is advisable to observe well the piece before cutting; this will allow you to make a perfect cut.

A last piece of advice; the birds are served lying on the back and mammals on the belly. Enjoy!

meatgibier, game

poutly, cut


Pictures from, youngandfoodish, pinterest


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