The Tip

The tip continues to give in some cases in France, even when the service is included in the bill, such as the restaurant or at the hairdresser. This means that we are satisfied with the service offered. This practice has developed in the 19th century, to reward a café restaurant service. In France is called “Pourboire” as its name suggests, a drink was offered in appreciation of the service done.

Over time, this habit has diversified and the “tip” or “Le pourboire” is the best way to express gratitud for the service, as is the case with taxi drivers, waiters or the tourist guides.

For the restaurant services, the amount of the tip is estimated around 15% of the note. It is better rewarded when a real service was rendered: very fast service, table well placed…

Who to tip?

Professional movers; after checking that they did not damaged your furniture.

The waiters and the valets, even if the service has already been included in the bill.

Taxi drivers, who were particularly attentive during the service.

Doormen and porters at the hotel. Haircut and the barber if he is not the boss.

Never give a tip to a doctor or a hostess. If you need to express your gratitude to them, a small gift may be more appropriate.

Luxury-Limousine-Service-1 Bulter with Call Bell

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