The Traditional Valentine’s Day in France

Love is often festival in our calendar, so on February 14 every year lovers of all ages celebrate their happiness by exchanging cards and gifts, a dinner in head-to- head, home or restaurant.

For a soft and serene atmosphere at home, think about the smallest details of candlesticks for a soft and romantic light; flowers on the table;  in our previous article you will find the best tips for give unforgettable flowers, but also a good meal cooked with your care.

But the majority of women prefer to go to the restaurant that day.

In France, couples mark this day by sending a traditional card, but they can also make a small gift for the occasion, flowers are the most classic and always appreciated gesture but also chocolates, perfume or jewelry.

The main color of the feast of Saint Valentine’s Day is traditionally red, but pink and white also have an important place.

– The red symbolizes the dedication and loyalty, but also passion.

– The white color of purity par excellence.

– Pink is a soft color. Since 1920 it is also the color of girls.

Another very strong symbol of Valentine’s Day is the rose, this flower represents love, especially if you offer or receive a red rose mean passion.






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