How to give flowers in France?

Traditionally we give flowers in all major circumstances of life: birth, baptism, engagement, marriage, death … Send flowers to someone is to honor him, thank him, marking his attention.

The tribute of flowers is also for the deceased and it takes a special character when they are used for decorating a church.

The best is be delivered by a florist and send it with a card the same day of the invitation. You can bring by yourself, if your appointment is more intimate. Flowers can also be delivered after the event or the following day; this is according to the host presence at home. We offer roses in odd numbers.

Do not give red roses to a little girl (red color is the color of passion). Some flowers do not be offered as the chrysanthemum because they are related to day of death.

Do not bring flowers if a person invites you to its home for the first time. If necessary, send the flowers the next day.

Avoid offering fragrant flowers to a patient.

A unique set up of the table and the decoration with flowers is recommended when you celebrate an important event. We flourish the guest room during the weekend and not bring flowers for the people who live in the countryside.

Everything is in the way to give the bouquet of flowers. In order not to offend the sensibilities of other guests who would come empty-handed, we will deposit the bouquet on a table in the entrance of the house and thank the host for the invitation discreetly.

When you’re abroad, get informed before offer flowers to your host, in order to know if the traditions are the same as in France.

Pictures from Wikihow and Pinterest.



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