How to say cheers in French?

How to say cheers in France?

The word trinquer means literally the action of raising his glass in honor of someone, “Drink to your health”. By extension, it also relates to the speech on this occasion (wishes, congratulations, thanks…). The toast is done during official banquets, wedding dinners and engagement.

In a more formal situation, whether talking to one person or to a group, it’s better to start with à votre santé. After someone says “à votre santé”, you can then respond with “ (et) à la vôtre”.

To toast just one person in an informal situation, say “à la tienne”. If you’re not sure whether to “use à la tienne” or “à la vôtre”, take a look to our article “The change from unformal “you” to polite “you” in the French use”.

The brief speech that accompanies should be concise and heartfelt. It is better to have prepared a few words in advance. To invite participants to raise their glasses, you have to speak clearly pronouncing the ritual phrase: “We raise all the glass …” while announcing why the gesture is to be realized. Everyone raises his glass at the same time; eating and drinking during the speech.

At a wedding, the toast is carried by a member of the family. One of the parents of the bride or groom respond in the same tone, joining the good wishes expressed…“A votre santé”!!

cheers in france

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