How to serve the Champagne for this New Year’s Eve?

Champagne cannot miss for the special occasions: New Year, marriages, baptisms. Only the French wine with this name is made according to the original and traditional method “Champenoise”; the only one with the right to be appointed with this title.

The Champagne glasses

In the 18th century, the wine champagne in tapered glasses was usual; the flute appears a century later. It was a smooth and transparent champagne glass for better tasting! In 1830, the traditional glass of champagne has born from the caterer’s imagination.

How to accompany the champagne?

Nowadays the Champagne is served as an aperitif; preferably dry. With dessert (fruit or pastries) should be pretty sweet.

The champagne can be “raw “, “dry” or «half – dry». Some amateurs love champagne during the dinner; this is not really recommended, because the champagne does not have enough body and has too much foam to match with all kind of foods. If despite all you chose to drink a champagne during your dinner, make sure not drink the raw champagne with dessert or the sweet champagne with full-bodied dishes.

The champagne temperature

Generally champagne is a wine best-served chilled, but not frozen. The temperature recommended is 5 degrees for young champagne, 10 degrees for a vintage.

There are two methods to refresh the champagne: Immerse the bottle in an ice bucket for half an hour or lay the bottle in the bottom of the refrigerator for 4 hours. In all cases, avoid refresh a bottle in the freezer; this could affect the effervescence of the champagne. In the same way, it is inadvisable to refresh the glasses in the refrigerator.

Uncork the bottle demand great care. It is recommended to stand the bottle and then remove the metal casing around the cap and keep the bottle in the ice bucket. Avoid losing the first drops gushing from the bottle. Indeed, if the cap jumps too quickly, the pressure drops too fast dissipating some bubble; the secret of taste. Avoid the whip champagne which eliminates bubbles!

For the “Magnum champagne”, take the bottle in the right hand, the thumb placed inside and the bottom of the bottle. Maintain the neck below the glass with the index finger of the left hand.

Put ice in the glass is an abomination in the eyes of connoisseurs!


photos from: merltyfood & pinterest

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