The decoration of the Christmas table.

Everything is almost ready, now you know how to welcome the Christmas season and you know how to prepare a traditional Christmas dinner. Surely, you would love to impress your guests with a lovely Christmas table. Here are our tips to prepare your table in the rules of the “Art de la table“:

We advise you to prepare your table before your guests arrive. They will be surprised to see a beautiful finished table!

Arrange the cutlery and glasses in the correct order exactly as we have already taught you to do in our article to set a perfect french table. Keep the bottle of champagne fresh and bring it when this will be served. The glass of champagne is placed slightly behind the other wine glasses.

For an elegant and festive table; place first a plate of decorative presentation.  Use water in a beautiful jug, or in a glass bottle, but never in a plastic bottle! Put the bottle of water and bottles of wine on a coasters to give a more elegant and chic atmosphere to your table.


You can take the bread in individual portions and place it on the left side of each dish, or in a basket in the center of the table; but beware, you never presents the bread knife on a table!

For an harmonious table, be sure to place mens and womens  intercalated and try to mix the talkatives with the shy people; this will create that people talk with each other!


Avoid too big decorative items and flowers or scented candles. It could disturb your guests when dinner.


In addition to Christmas items ( balls , ribbons, angels , Santa … ) , bring at your table nature elements such as pine cones , leaves, acorns, branches, wood chips … You can paint in pastel shades , sprinkle glitter, and use the Christmas colors; gold, red, silver and green.


Do not forget the little decorative touches that will delight your guests:  cards to indicate the guest place on the table or a special little bag of sweets slided  under the Christmas tree or for your table decoration. Your Christmas table is now ready now, you just need to wait for your guests!

The Hotel Napoleon Paris wishes you a merry Christmas full of love and happiness!

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