Seven tips to make your heart to heart dinner memorable!

  1. To welcome “the one” and create a perfect moment of happiness and romanticism, try to know the personal likes and dislikes of your guest before choosing the place or chose your menu if you stay at home. Remember that romanticism doesn’t fit too rich dishes and strong flavors of garlic and onion.
  2. Do not go over complex recipes that will make you cooking very long, except if your partner accepts to share a moment with you in the kitchen 😉
  3. The choice of the table and of the restaurant is essential for your “tête à tête“; make sure the table is for two people; a large table would lose the charm of the evening!
  4. Ask for a little decor; choose a small candle or a small round bouquet of fresh flowers.
  5. For a soft and serene ambience, think of every detail. Switch on a very dim light; choose a place with soft music. If you stay at home, play music according to you and your guest musical tastes.
  6. A light fragrance of pine or cedar for example is very nice. It should not exist any kitchen or deodorant smell in the room.
  7. A warm atmosphere is mandatory.

Note: when your guest leave, give a small bouquet of the table in memory of the soirée.

If you are the guest, even if you are at the door twenty minutes before your appointment, do not ring,  when the waiting does not last too long,  it is a wonderful prelude to happiness 😉

Do not arrive empty-handed! She will appreciate the flowers, and he may like plants or a good book.



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