How to kiss in France?



carte bisesToday, the kiss is a sign of affection practiced by the vast majority of civilizations but with country-specific nuances. Sometimes we just kiss our intimates, sometimes we embrace only in special circumstances.

A French custom, which seems strange to other countries, is to kiss people on the cheek when you say “bonjour”. We should take into account the family, friends or professional relationship, age and status of the person. For example, you don’t kiss your manager; or rather, expect that it will be herself/himself proposing you. But we kiss with colleagues. For men, it depends: sometimes they kiss when they are friends or members of the same family, but not always. Young people kiss each other a lot, and the boys seem to do it more and more.

The number of kisses differs and depends on the location. In France, in most of regions, the kiss starts with the right cheek. It starts with the left cheek in eastern France and part of Provence. It varies depending to the region; 2, 3 or 4 kisses.

We found a map of the number of kisses in France where we show you the different patterns according to departments!


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