The seats in the Empire style

The Empire style is a style of furniture and decoration in vogue from 1803 to 1821 under the order and instructions of Napoleon 1st. He wanted to impose his conception of beauty, linked to the concept of luxurious and sublime. He desired the public domain to be a reflection of the splendor of the Empire.Thus, it wouldestablish a rigid centralization of all artistic activities in Paris, directed by the creators Percier and Fontaine and the painter David.

But how were the empire style objects made? How important is the furniture and what was its use at that time? This time we focus on the seats in the Empire style; they used to be made of mahogany. The most luxurious models were painted or gilded wood. Moldings became less fashionable and sculptures take a place in the decorative art. The seats generally belong to series, for the living room, which could be composed of a sofa, two wing chairs, armchairs and chairs.

The gondola seat was very successful; the gondola chair is one of the few innovations of Directoire style whose main characteristic lies in the rounded and enveloping shape of the back, especially in the shoulders, the side and bent uprights are joining the seat waist.

The stuffed seat is square or slightly rectangular. Its belt is straight. The front legs are straight, the rear legs are curved. The seats are covered with chiseled and carved velvet, damask , brocaded silk, satin, taffeta decorated with designs of oak and laurel leaves, rosettes, stars, palms, vases and urns . Geometric designs, which were the favorite motifs, stand in gold or silver on red, purple, pink and green.

Hôtel Napoléon Hôtel Napoléon

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