Take the time to eat, it is essential for your health!

In France, people typically have three meals a day (breakfast “petit-déjeuner”, lunch – “déjeuner” and the dinner – “le dîner”), preventing from some uncontrolled eating behaviors.

Around one o’clock, French families go to “déjeuner” and take the time to enjoy their meal. But this represents is a real break, a resting moment, during which any other activity is temporarily stopped to regain strength.

To enjoy the full flavors, it is recommended to eat slowly; by proceeding in this way, your body will also naturally feel better, and be able to adjust to the quantities to satisfy your appetite. For this, many of us prefer to take their meals sitting with family, colleagues, at home, at work, on a bench, on the lawn…

A good piece of advice: take advantage of this break and give you at least 20 minutes to eat…

This also enables us to listen to the signals that our body sends … When we’re eating, a signal is set from our brain to our stomach. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended to chew well! When you eat quickly, there is a tendency to eat more!

Stop eating when you feel that your stomach is sufficiently full. Your digestion and the duration of satiety are very important for your well-being. Avoid eating in front of the TV, it disrupts the mechanism of satiety as well as the instinctive choice of food, not to mention the quality time you are damaging!

Avoid fat snacking between meals!.. Allow you to take a little time in the afternoon and take a meal break. In France that is called “collation “. The collation plays a very important role in providing energy, vitamins and minerals during the day. It also helps controlling appetite between meals. Thus, it helps prevent tiredness during the afternoon.

Basically, meal time is a privileged moment of exchange , family , school , work, the restaurant, the self service … So take your time and “Bon apétit”!

Family Dining Al Fresco

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