The French gourmet meals, a heritage of humanity

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According to the French custom, the gastronomic meal is a social practice for celebrating some of the most important moments in life such as births, weddings, anniversaries… It is a festive meal which brings people together for the occasion:

l’art de bien manger et de bien boire»!

The gastronomic meal focuses on enjoying time together, the pleasure of tasting and the harmony between human beings and nature’s products. French people are fond of carefully selecting dishes, recipes, purchasing quality products (preferably local and which flavors go well together), pairing food and wine, decorating the table, etc. Not to mention the respect of rules of politeness during the tasting… All these factors contribute to the traditional French meal!

It also respects certain etiquette; the testing starts with an “apéritif” and ends with  a “digestif”.  In between, four successive courses is typically served; namely a starter, fish and / or meat with a side dish, cheese, dessert and coffee.

The French value gastronomy and possess a thorough knowledge of the tradition. They preserve the practice of the customs, thus contributing to pass on to the following generations…. The gastronomic meal brings the family and friend circles together and more generally, strengthens social ties.

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