The napkin was born with good manners…

Impressive! The origin of the napkin goes back to the fifteenth century!!. At the time, it was already used by Romans: using two small pieces of cloth, the first one used to wipe the sweat and the second one, used to bring the confectionery offered by the banquet host.

In France, the first napkin was offered by the city of Reims to Charles VII in 1422. Progressively, it became an essential element until the seventeenth century; its development along with the Arts de la Table was very slow, mainly due to the persistent habit of guests to wipe with the tablecloth. In the early eighteenth century, the same cloth was used for two people. After the French Revolution (1789), when napkins started taking importance in tableware, each guest would start having his own.

Time after time, in the nineteenth century, the use of the napkin becomes restrictive; you shall wait for the hostess to unfold the napkin on the knees gently and with elegance. The napkin then became a symbol of warmth and friendliness with a small object named “the ring”. Having a napkin with a ring meant that “the foreign” was considered as part of the family.

Nowadays, the napkin remains and reflects our knowledge of the good table manners. How to fold a napkin on the table? What are the best manners to use it during an elegant dinner? Follow all the tricks on this blog and give the best style to your table… Remember that your imagination to create a table will make your meal memorable!!!


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