Relax after your busy day

In the evening, after a long day walk and a busy day, take a half-hour in your comfortable room before bedtime for a peaceful occupation and focus on relaxation. Immerse yourself in a zen and peaceful atmosphere…

Take a warm bath (with L’Occitane products, disposed in your room), a good book, a zen music or a refreshing herbal infusion. Regardless of the method, the more relaxed you will be, the more you will find sleep easily so you will be active for another day!

In your daily life, we suggest you to set up a sort of little ritual before bedtime that can help you relax like some relaxation exercise (breathing, massage in your room…). So your brain will learn to recognize these actions as signs of getting started of sleep.

If after 15 minutes, sleep does not come, it’s better to get up and perform a quiet activity … why not enjoy the charm of the city of lights from your balcony? The need for sleep back shortly after…

Enjoy your stay at the Hotel Napoleon Paris…


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