Dinning table set up “à la Française”

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If you are planning a special “soirée” at home, we help you here to set the table for your guests, with the best traditional Frenchie style…
To start, reserve a space for each guest between 60 or 70 cm. The purpose of this space is to let each guest to feel comfortable during the tasting. In case of the round tables, the minimum spacing is 30 cm between each plate.

Install the main course plate, followed by the starter plate or soup plate.
Two centimeters from the edge of the table and in the order of use, the cutlery must be placed from outside to inside, to be used according to the dishes served.
To the right of the plate, the main course knife must be placed with the blade toward the plate. If you serve fish, place the special knife for fish here. Finally, the spoon for the soup is placed in last position.

On the left-hand, start placing the main course fork. As well as the fish knife, provide the fish fork if necessary.
There are two possibilities to place the cutlery for the dessert. Set it either in the beginning or before serving dessert; place it between the plate and the glasses.
Put the glasses aligned to the cutlery, place the glass for the dessert, white wine, red wine and the glass of water. The champagne glass shall be placed between the water glass and the red wine glass, slightly diagonally.

Arrange the bread plate to the left and put the butter knife over the plate and outwards.
Set the napkin either over the plate or over the table. Tableware and tablecloths, intended for table service and waiter service, are subject to certain rules of “etiquette” that you will discover through this blog.

Don’t forget wishing your guests “Bienvenue et Bon appétit”…

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