Elisabeth Malphettes

Elisabeth Malphettes

Dynamic and creative, Elisabeth Malphettes has been the hotel napoleon’s decorator and interior designer for 17 years. It’s her singular and elegant style which makes this hotel a unique place to stay.
For Mrs. Malphettes, the main idea is to provide our guests, a Hotel with a French touch, a “Frenchie” one, as she likes to say. Guests can feel at home in a discreet atmosphere.
Thus, as in the old-family houses, she banishes monochrome colors and doesn’t hesitate to mix different tones: “we have to work with several colors at once, to make them reflect each other and maximize their brightness”, she says. She also adds that all the antique objects put in the room, remind us of our own legacy, objects we tend to keep carefully and jealously at home. For the “touch of fantasy”, Mrs. Malphettes decides to choose bright and daring tones to create a lasting impression on the guest’s mind.

However, don’t get the wrong impression! She doesn’t forget to adapt the hotel to the modern-day demands. Over time, she chooses more and more contemporary colors and fabrics ahead of market trends, so the rooms become lighter in decoration. If Elisabeth Malphettes tries to stay faithful to the Napoleonian’s style, all the rooms remain pleasant. Over the years, she adds sofa beds, replaces the wardrobes with cupboards, and adds large wall mirrors to facilitate the access and enlarge the room’s space.

When you stay at the Hotel Napoleon, you join Mrs. Malphettes’ universe: a unique cosy place for the French touch lovers.

Mme. Malphette

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