Four o’clock break, an essential meal!

Set in a key moment of the day, the four o’clock break is beneficial after school and even now during the holiday.

As the afternoon tea, French people love the taste break! 55% of people aged between 15-64 years old have at least 4 times per week a light meal between usual meals. Good healthy dietary habits avoid snacking.

Snacking is to eat something low in vitamins and minerals between meals (pastries, chocolate, soda…), under many excuses like stress, anxiety or just greed and actually participates in nutritional imbalance.

While the 4 o’clock break is handle by hunger and respond to the official recommendations. The perfect four-hour break consists to consume three dairy products a day, five fruits and complex carbohydrates.

Tasted during the afternoon, it also adapts to changing our lifestyles (quick lunch, late dinner …). Thus the balanced of this break offers a time of “petits bonheurs” and allows a real moment of conviviality.

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Traditional Bastille Day

Fireworks are almost always on the menu in Paris Bastille Day celebrations, and usually light up the skies at around nightfall. Often launched in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower, the Saint Germain des Près district, and around Montparnasse, fireworks displays can be enjoyed from other spots around the city, providing you are high up enough to get a good vantage. Some suggested spots are the viewpoint from the roof of the Centre Georges Pompidou, Montmartre, or Belleville.
The Bal du 14 juillet is a giant dance party traditionally held on the Place de la Bastille (where the stormed prison once stood)on the evening before Bastille Day (July 13th). A different theme is chosen each year, usually providing an opportunity to don elaborate costumes and hear live music.
A traditional military parade on the Champs-Elysées starts near the Arc de Triomphe on the famed Avenue on the afternoon of July 14th and spreads across Paris. A moving tribute, or pomp and circumstance? A matter of taste.
Firemen’s’ Galas: France has a unique– and quirky– tradition of firehouses opening their doors to the general public on July 13th and 14th for the occasion of Bastille day, offering live demonstrations and dancing. Kitschy fun guaranteed. Donations are generally asked for at the door.

14 Juillet

Traveling with your baby

It’s always a little stressful a first trip with baby, but you just have to be well organized and know the necessary for each mode of transport for your trip.

Baby can take the airplane in very young age. Until the age of 2 years, baby not pay its place or only 10-20% of the normal rate but beware, know that baby will travel on your legs!

For long-haul flights you can book at most companies a cot (up to 6 months) or use the seat next to you. On the plane, some seats are more comfortable and convenient for you: near to the toilet, they also offer more legroom; inquire at the time of boarding. Know that you may well bring a stroller; handy for walk the long corridors of the airport.

Regarding baby food, do not worry: you can take everything you need on board.

Be careful if your baby is sensitive to the cold because he may resent the pressure changes. Wipe his nose before takeoff and landing, before the trip, check with the pediatrician that your baby has no otitis.

The train has many advantages and baby can travel comfortably, in general, the baby travel free until 4 years old. However, if your journey is long, it is better to opt for a seat next to you: the toddler package is not expensive and you can use this place to make the trip as pleasant as possible.

Trains are equipped with changing tables and baby food can be warmed in the microwave. Keep everything you may need at hand, in a separate bag. Often, it is cold in trains; a sweater for the baby is essential.

To take the road with baby, the best, is travel by night: less traffic and heat, and as baby sleeps (in principle), the ambience will be more Zen. If you go during the day, if possible try to avoid the hottest hours, which will be unpleasant for you and more for baby. The diaper bag will have its place in the interior of your car, not in the trunk. All necessary must be available quickly and without necessarily having to stop.
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Paris bridges

Everyone knows about the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triumph and Notre Dame which provide stunning views of the city. Paris, its quaysides, its river, its bridges; a cliché certainly, but why is it that bridges bring out so much romance and nostalgia in us? Perhaps they offer the best viewpoints of the capital or a picture of the perfect postcard. Maybe because it is very romantic to swear our eternal love to a loved one on a bridge.

Here are Paris’s most famous bridges that we suggest you cross and stay there until the sunset:

Pont de l’Alma. This bridge is named after the Battle of Alma where the Franco-British alliance was victorious over the Russians in 1854. This bridge was completely reconstructed in the 70s to carry the weight of the daily traffic and just nearby lies the Flame of Liberty.

The Pont-Neuf is, despite its name is the oldest standing bridge across the river Seine in Paris. Every tourist wants to have their photo taken on this elegant span, with the Seine making an impressive backdrop.

Pont des Arts. The Bridge spanning the Seine from the “Institute de France” to the “Palais du Louvre” owes its name to the fact that the Louvre was called the “Palais des Arts” at the time the bridge was built. This remains the spot for those who want to immortalize their love by engraving their initials on a padlock and fastening it onto a railing.

Pont de Mirabeau. This green bridge has a perfect view of the Statue of Liberty with the Eiffel Tower towering behind it. It was the largest and highest bridge during the time of its construction and it holds 4 allegorical statues representing the ‘City of Paris’, ‘Navigation’, ‘Commerce’, and ‘Abundance’. These statues are placed on either side of the bridge on the two piles of the bridge which represent two boats.

Pont Alexandre III symbol of the friendship franco-russe, the bridge connects the Champs-Élysées quarter and the Invalides quarter, widely regarded as the most ornate, extravagant bridge in Paris, this is a terrific place for saying ‘I love you’ and bringing an eternally romantic touch to your special stay in Paris.

ponts de paris

pont neuf

Ponts paris

pont Alexandre III

Photos from pinterest

The “éclair” in the French pastry

« L’éclaire » appears around 1850 in Lyon. We don’t know who invented it but it is a choux pastry filled with pastry cream flavored with vanilla, chocolate or coffee in classic recipes and covered with icing of chocolate fondant.

In 19th century, the greatest specialist of the choux pastry was Antoine Carême. He developed many inventions; one of them was  “La duchesse”. This choux pastry was coated of almond. Later, Antonin Carême moves the almonds and makes the paste of apricot marmalade and pastry cream of chocolate or cream with icing sugar. Although this dessert does not yet have the name of “Eclair”( it happens 20 years later, after the death of Antoine Carême). We also do not know where the eclaire’s name comes. “Eclair” in English means “a lightning”. Many historians said that the name comes from the phrase:”This cake is so good that you can eat at the speed of light”. Others cite the “éclaire” is so bright that it evokes the light of the lightning.

In foreign countries this cake preserves its name. Today, it goes beyond the traditional chocolate, coffee or vanilla of our grandmother’s recipe: “éclairs” with white chocolate, truffle, red berries, caramel… the pastry creativity has no limits and we continue to eat a good “éclaire” at the speed o f light!

Pictures from Pinterest, Fauchon et le Nôtre.

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The Father’s day

The father’s day is the day to celebrate dads and grandfathers; it is a day to witness the love one has for his father. In fact, the Father’s day is a day to honor the father figure in the family…
The first Father’s Day was officially celebrated two years after the creation of the Mother’s Day. Nowadays the Father’s Day is legitimate.
By tradition the celebration of the father’s day in France is on the third Sunday of June. This day is an opportunity to make a great family meal in honor of Dad and give him a special gift. Family and sometimes some friends could be invited for the feast day of father. To please Dad, he should not be involved for the preparation of gifts, organizing meal … after all he is the King during this day!

father's day, jour des pères

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This summer in Paris

You do not need to go far: the best destination for this summer is Paris. The diversity proposed by Paris is so large that you never stop to reveals its secrets.
In summertime French people generally have several weeks of vacation a year, huge numbers of locals flee town for vacations in the South of France or elsewhere and foreign languages heard just as often as French in metro cars or in the street.

The pace slows, the streets are calmer, the nights longer, and summer festivals and special events promise some fun days and nights out in a summer ambience. Paris reserves many cultural activities and more originals and unusual exhibitions. Do not matter if you travel alone or with family, we are sure Paris has diversified activities for all ages. If you like the gardens and music, you will be delighted with outdoor concerts. You can choose to visit Paris in a bike tour, take a tour by the Seine, discover all the monuments in Paris or why not relax on a café’s terrace with a Parisian atmosphere.

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Take a trip with your pet!

petpetAbroad, the rules are different depending on the country. In France, it depends on the weight of the animal and the type of transport.


Do not wait until the last-minute to prepare your holiday with your pet; foresee the vaccines.

- In the metro and buses allow only guide dogs and small dogs if they are in a bag.

- In the train, the small animal could be placed in a bag; if it weighing more than six pounds, they should always be on a leash, but the other passengers can refuse access compartment;

- In the taxi, the driver has the right to refuse an animal;

- In the plane, the animals less than six pounds can travel in the cabin, in a bag; the heavier have to travel in the cargo hold.

The cats traveling in a basket; they are given a sedative for not meow during the journey.

During holidays,

Sand, salt, sun … can irritate the skin or pads of the animal. On your return from the beach, rinse well with fresh water for 5 minutes. Do not forget the eyes by applying without rubbing a sterile eye lotion

In the countryside, watch especially the ears and pads to detect the possible presence of spikelet. Also periodically check the coat of your dog to detect ticks. Use cotton soaked in ether to deaden them before pulling.

For summer, watch out for sunburn! Avoid walking in the hottest hours. Do not forget to make your pet regularly drink.

Remember that throughout the year, he is your companion animal and he loves you unconditionally. So, show him how much you care about him and travel with him!

The mother’s day in France

This special day in France has been created in 1920. The celebration was originally an instrument that the government implemented to encourage an increase in the birth rate after the death of large number of men during the battle.

At the time, the mother image is totally different to that which now exists. A good homemaker was a good cook, without a good level of educated, relatively a submissive woman to her husband.

This very popular holiday in France was officially established in 1950.

Nowadays, the mother’s day is the last Sunday of May. Toddlers make for their mom a beautiful drawing or a great gift made with the help of their teacher. The older children offer a gift with the help of their father and sometimes with a bouquet of flowers.

French people organize a lunch or a dinner and they often celebrate in the same day two or three generations of mothers.

Happy mother’s day!

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Business lunch

One hour for an informal discussion around the table allow good start negotiations to create projects and a close partnership. A business lunch is a great time to discover, pointed and find strengths and weaknesses of our future partners.

If you invite, propose several dates and confirm your table at the restaurant during the morning; if you have your appointment on site, arrive a few minutes before the time fixed and choose your table: place the guest of honor in front of you, then to your right and to your left side the other guests that you wish to honor.

For the menu, let your guests choose first, if you know the menu, you can make some suggestions.  Even you don’t drink wine, you should drink the same choice of your guests. If they take an entrance, a dessert, you have to imitate. Pay the bill discreetly and if possible with a credit card.

If you have been invited, you should be punctual. Do not cancel the same day, unless compelling reason. If you have the slightest delay, you must let know the restaurant. Do not order the most expensive dishes systematically. If you hesitate, ask your host: “What do you recommend? » At the check time, you can propose to pay but do not insist if the host invitation was clearly expressed.

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