The Black tie is reserved for the special occasions and generally it is recommended and marked with the mention “black tie”. Men will wear then a tuxedo while women dress an elegant long dress.

The Evening gown

It keeps in mind the occasion for which it is reserved. Indeed, depending of the style of the dress, it will be better suited to a particular occasion. The diversity of evening dresses involves the designers and the women who wear it.

The material is important and an essential element in the choice of the ideal dress. Light and delicate fabrics such as silk, captures the elegance of the dress, but you can also choose a “satin” or “taffeta” that will give you a lighter or rigorous style.

An important note; for choosing the perfect gown no matter the occasion are your personality and morphology.  An evening gown is designed to reveal your beauty.

The Tuxedo

This garment was born in 1886 in Tuxedo Park, a village to sixty miles from Manhattan in the imagination of a New York heir; he was looking for a less strict dress coat for a ball. His suit was inspired by the jackets worn in Britain the hunting horsemen.

The Tuxedo is now a suit designed of a jacket for the ceremony, silk trousers and a waistcoat. Single or double-breasted, it is generally dark blue, sometimes black.

Spencer jacket and white are reserved for summer evenings. It comes with a white shirt with wing collar and a pleated front.

The tuxedo is worn during the evening receptions; in general the dress code is detailed on the invitation.

A man in a tuxedo is accompanied by a woman wearing a very dressy dress long or short.


black tie


black tie

evening gown










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