miroir 2

In the 16th century, the mirror glass is discovered in Italy. This is a revolution! The Italians were the first to manufacture mirrors with crystal blown and then the mirrors were polished and covered with a thin layer of metal.

The quality of the first mirrors was very hard to match by other producers. We had to wait until the end of the XVII century to the opening of the glass factory of Saint-Gobain in France to have mirrors and windows with a similar perfection. Then, French started to make big size mirrors with an exceptional quality.

Mirrors are often used to enlarge the space of small places; their presence expands a room and accentuates brightness and lighting. You’ll find many different kinds of mirrors: framed or unframed; square, round or rectangle; with different shapes and colors…

Nowadays, the mirror occupies an important place in interior design and follows all the influences styles. You must choose it depending on the style of your decor…In the Hotel Napoleon Paris all mirrors have been carefully chosen to make you feel comfortable. Placed in rooms, suites, corridors or even in the fitness club, they provide you with a unique touch in the hotel decoration.  Mirrors create an original design and a modern atmosphere.

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